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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Left Of Me - Book Review

WHAT'S LEFT OF ME: The Hybrid Chronicles
Kat Zhang
Published 2012
Genre: Science/Drama Fiction


Eva and Addie are twin souls living together in one body. Totally normal, right? It is, but what's not normal is the fact that they haven't settled yet. At four or five, the stronger, dominant soul stays, gaining control of the body, and the recessive, weaker soul dies.
Eva was declared dead at 12, but she's still alive, living in Addie's shadow. All Eva wants is to be normal, just like Addie.

Okay, here's what Priya thinks!

I saw this book at my school book fair. It was either this or Maze Runner, I only had fifteen bucks. I went with this, and Chris Woodham's Silver, since Maze Runner will probably end up like Uglies; old, worn out, and forgotten about, replaced by the now slowly fading Hunger Games.

ANYWAY (See how easily I get distracted?)

What's Left Of Me is a dystopian novel, very much UNLIKE any I have ever read before. I expected it to be incredibly lame, but NO! It was actually enjoyable. Here's why:

1. The Cover
This one's pretty easy to figure out. People only give books a chance if the cover is even worth glancing at. The techy white font, the rainbowish girl - it's all gripping. My kind of cover.

2. The relationship between Eva and Addie
We'd expect Eva and Addie to at least get along somewhat - heck, they share the same body. They're like conjoined twins, except they're not. Yet, the girls obviously love, and need each other. I'm going to shut up about this before I reveal too much.

3. The vivid wording
This book is packed with adjectives. Everything is described so beautifully. It's so... vivid.
See what I did there?

Guess not.

I highly recommend this book! It's the first in the Hybrid Chronicles. I cannot wait to read the two sequels; the third sequel has yet to be released.
 This book was imaginative and dramatic, and kept me engaged. I couldn't even put the book down.

Just like with my food, I'ma  picky reader. If I can't put a book down, you know it's good.