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Sunday, June 30, 2013

What a coincidence...

One day I just randomly happened to find my name, PRIYA, in a math problem in IXL Math.

Funny, right?

Sorry for the low resolution picture, my computer is old and feeble.
Anyway, this was just for fun.


I hate when people do that. The proper way is...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University - Review

Title: Monsters University
Producers: Pixar Animation Studios
Released: June 21, 2013
Rating: G

Sunday my family went to the cinema to see Monsters University. Being the long awaited sequel, (or prequel) of Pixar's Monsters Inc., my brother and I were genuinely excited to see it. So I grabbed a couple boxes of candy, put a largely unhealthy amount of butter on my popcorn, and sat down in front of the giant movie screen.

Ever since Mike Wazowski was a small child, he always dreamed of becoming a scarer at Monster's Inc. While a class field trip, Mike is inspired to enroll in Monsters University.

Many years later, Mike Wazowski, now 17, is entering Monsters University. The amazed Mike studies hard, and is majoring in scaring. Yet, just when he thought everything was going well...

Sulley showed up.

James Sullivan, the son of Bill Sullivan, is popular and an amazing scarer. Almost instantly, he is admitted into the popular crowd. And just as instantly, he goes head to head with Mike, competing in almost everything. But when the two monsters are kicked out of the scare program, they must work together, or they'll never graduate!

It was interesting to see what occurred before Boo and all of the doors and such. Mike Wazowski, the poor thing, tried to scary, but could not. James Sullivan, on the other hand, was one of the best scarers at the university. However, while Mike lacked scariness, he had brains, motivation, determination, and cleverness. James was just... scary. So all in all, I guess this movie contained a lesson. Though Mike wasn't naturally gifted at scaring, he worked hard, and thus he did better than Sulley, who was naturally gifted. Suller didn't try to work harder. He just growled the same old way, with the same degree of horror.


If you don't use it, you lose it.


These graphics were the best graphics I have ever seen in a Pixar movie. They were even better than Brave, and Brave's graphics were outstanding.

Monsters University's graphics were so realistic and colorful. They were clean, sharp, and just... amazing.


I enjoyed this movie. I loved the setting, and the monsters themselves. The plot was a somewhat redundant at times, but it was a very funny family-friendly comedy.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspiring Global Kids

Have you heard of an awesome new blog that's floating around the web?

It's called "Inspiring Global Kids," a blog written by Margo Martin. Margo, a french teacher, is paid to go to different countries around the world to teach different children.

Margo has started this blog to share her observations and discoveries about the world. Right now, she is in Jakarta, Indonesia. She also has two characters, Jael and Solomon, that she takes with her everywhere. Jael is dyslexic and Solomon is diabetic.

Oh, and did I mention...

On Inspiring Global Kids, there is a contest for everyone to enter! Click here to go to it!

All you must do is create a Pinterest board showing pictures and captions describing your culture. Go to the link above for full contest info.

Did I also mention that the prize is a $25 Amazon Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card? Deadline is June 24th, 2013. Email her at igk@worldlanguageacademy.org


I entered the contest! Click here to go to my board!


The Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

Name: The Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

Publisher: City Interactive

Released: November 10, 2008

Rating: E10+

Not Scary      Mild      Bit Intense      Scary      

Sylvie Leroux, a bumbling young archaeologist is living by herself in an apartment in Paris. When she gets a call from her uncle concerning an important discovery, Sylvie ventures off to Malta to see what the matter is.
However, when Sylvie arrives, she finds that Uncle is gone without a trace, and all of sudden, Sylvie is wrapped into an adventure full of strange visions, interesting places, hidden secrets...

And some really weird people.

The Main Characters
I won't speak of the other characters directly as there are just way too many and I don't want to give anything away...

Sylvie Leroux - Being an archaeologist, Sylvie is naturally curious regarding the world around her. Her curiosity, unfortunately, gets the best of her most of the time.

James Anderson - James is linguist that lives right next to Sylvie's uncle. He is a major help to Sylvie throughout the mystery, and a handy decipherer.

These characters (and the others too,) were all somewhat interesting. However, some of them were just not developed enough. The other characters that tie some way into the story barely even make sense half of the time.


This was a key feature I was looking at while purchasing. The animation is truly amazing, and there are beautiful places to explore, but the game would have been much better as an open world game, with more places to explore, more things to do, more excitement. Yes, the animation was good, but often I found myself doing almost nothing in some of the scenes.

While the backgrounds are splendid, the character animation... wasn't so hot. At first glance, the characters seemed fine, but once their movements were robotic, and when speaking, and their words didn't line up with their mouths, which especially applied to the cutscenes. Also, Sylvie, the only playable character in the game moves very slow. Even while running, at average it takes her 7 or more seconds to get from one side of the screen to another.


This is really one key factor that throws many people off. Let me just say, this game has almost no violence. At one point Sylvie is hit over the head, but we all know she's not in any REAL danger, right?


Puzzles were mostly good, not too easy and not too hard. I actually enjoyed some of them while others were tiring and boring.


I found in one part of the game a character(who doesn't play any significant role in the story) to be a glitch. Every time I talked to that character, the game crashed, shut down, and deleted all progress. To avoid this annoyance, I suggest avoiding talking to the female tourist on Gozo island. You will find her standing around in the grass.


Ah, the ending, one of the best parts of a mystery game.

Not this one.
This ending was half-baked, and I was very disappointed. I won't say more, in case I give any spoilers away, but let me just say this:

I was so unsatisfied by the ending, that as soon as the game ended, I was all like:

"That's it?"

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a horrible ending. It was... just not not satisfying.

But, I do believe there's sequel, with Sylvie in it.


As much as I wanted to love this game, I couldn't. I guess you could say I liked it. It just didn't live up to my expectation. Gameplay was slow, and hidden-object format became tiring after awhile. Scenes were awesome, and so were puzzles. There were a LOT of characters, something that I'm not used to. While some droned on and on about their lives and jazz and peanuts, others were intriguing and interesting.

Overall, I'd give this game a 3 out of 5. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Exercising with Rocks

Today my whole family went for a walk around our VERY large neighborhood. Not to mention that  biked, and it was all hills. ALL. Anyway, after breathtaking exercise and a playdate with a spastic laberdoodle that ran over my brother, we, or rather I, rode home.

When I got to the main hill that lead down to my house, I heard the little boys that lived at the houses at the top whispering,

"It's Priya."

Then I heard,

"Halt, who goes there?"

"What is your name?"

Then they threw some rocks at me, and I'm all like, what the heck?

"Why're you throwing rocks at me?"

No answer. More rocks are thrown.

I ride on past them. It'd pitch black, so I can hardly make them out, but I can guess it's the two boys who I mentioned before and their curly-haired friend.

They didn't stop my mom or my brother apparently, becuase my brother's their friend, and my mom would probably make sure they'd never see the outside again.

They did, however, stop my ever-so-slow dad. According to him, they threw rocks at him and he asked them if they wanted him to find out who they were. They didn't answer, so he threatened them some more, and they ran away when their mom called them. By their names...

Looks like I got something to blackmail 'em with.

Just kidding. Their children, even if they did throw rocks at me.


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Did you know that Father's Day was created to complement Mother's Day? Ladies first! It was established in the early 20th Century to honor fatherhood.

I love you.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Finally Over.

Yesterday was awards day at school. I received a Presidential Award for having a high grade point average. Apparently it was signed by Barack Obama.

View For Blog1.jpg in slide show

As you can see, there was a pin that came with it, but for some reason, the pin was very small. It's usually bigger.

Today was our last day of school. We just watched a movie (A Bug's Life) while the "mouth racers" in my class whispered and talked. A girl in my class took my seat when I got up to use the bathroom, and didn't want to move, so I ended up just standing during dismissal time. The teacher hardly said a word to us as we left, but other teachers did say goodbye.

Yep. Fun.

At least I came home early... the last day is always a half-day.

Wow... 11 weeks at home with him...


Anyway, 6th grade is over for me. I'm going to middle school now, 7th grade.

I'm not looking forward to it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's birthday was actually June 2nd but I couldn't post until now...

I love you.

Unhealthy School Lunches

If you read my last post, I was reading a Junior Scholastic. Another one of the interesting topics covered was the different school lunches served worldwide. Rice and lentils served in India, sardines and miso soup in Japan, even guinea pig in Peru! (I don't think I'd eat a guinea pig, sorry.)

Anyway, despite the variations, I noticed that these lunches all have one thing in common.

They're healthier than American lunches.

Let me tell you about my school. My school used to serve 3 lunch choices everyday, the 3rd choice being salad always. This year, they took everyday salad off the menu, and now we only have it once every few weeks.

Not only that, but may I describe to you some of the lunch choices?

Chicken Patty/Nuggets

Texture is weird. Meat is soggy, and squeaky when bitten into. Taste is very similar to McDonald's chicken sandwich, (which are also nasty).


The milk is always spoiled. These lunch ladies should be given a stern talking to.


Gross. Just gross. They have an odd flavor and the meat doesn't even taste like beef. The same with the nacho meat. Also, cheese tastes funny, and is discolored to a darkish-neon orange. I wonder if you were to turn off the lights while eating it, if it would glow?


You may think that just because its pizza its automatically heaven. No. The cafeteria found a way to ruin it! The cafeteria's pizza tastes like the lunch ladies took three cheese sticks and half- melted them onto some cheap tomato sauce and some cardboard. Cheese is not fully cooked and piled on too thick.

"Thanksgiving Dinner" Lunch

I will never eat another one of these again. I swear. Basically, it's a scoop of mash potatoes (which are actually not bad), and some really nasty chicken covered in gravy, covering a biscuit. But it wasn't the chicken, or even the gravy that made me run right back up to the lunch ladies.

It was the giant piece of hair hiding under my biscuit. Talk about nasty. apparently, other kids had been finding hair in their food too. I got another serving, and I still found hair in it, but I didn't bother. if those ladies wanted to be unsanitary, let them. A few months later there was a fire. Uh huh.

Anyway, these dishes are all examples of crap food the cafeteria is serving. Portions are small, and fruit is scarce. Meals are not balanced at all.

Do you want to know some food truths?



1. Schools have the option of serving mixed meat or organic meat. Mine chooses to serve pink slime to growing children.

2. Non-organic milk contains pus and blood. Want to continue drinking non-organic milk now? I don't.

Healthy Lunch

My idea of a good school lunch is:

Main Course: A salad with chicken/turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Drink: Orange, apple, or grape juice.

Snack: Piece of fruit

Optional: Dessert

I hope you have enjoyed my post on lunches.

Camel Stew

Today I was bored in school when our teacher gave us a Junior Scholastic to read. I came across an interesting article.

The President of France, Francois Hollande, was given a baby camel. The camel was later eaten by a Mali family. What?

Well, it started when Mali gifted the baby camel to Hollande for sending liberating troops into Mali. He was initially going to put it in a Parisian zoo, but then realized he couldn't take it with him at the moment. So he left it with a family in Timbuktu. The family was supposed to care for the baby until the President could have it sent to him.

The family, however, either did not understand their instructions, or just didn't care. They killed and ate the poor camel in tagine stew. Wow.

Embarrassed and ashamed, the Mali government planned to give Hollande a bigger, and better camel. Not only that, but now a man claims that the eaten camel was stolen from him after the French air raid destroyed his house. Interesting...

R.I.P. Baby Camel

So cute...

picture credit to blogs.ft.com 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Party Party ZZZZZZ

Today was so busy... yet fun.

First we went to my brother's friend's birthday party. It was mini-golf, which I'm really not good at.
Because I'm on a special diet, I didn't have anything but the watermelon they had sitting out.

Afterwards, we went home to eat and freshen up. Then we went out again...

Because I had my 6th grade party today! I'm graduating elementary school and moving on to middle school next fall. The party was held at the rec center in my town, and me and my friends had so much fun!

There were three pools in the pool room, unlike at most YMCAs. One pool was circular, very shallow, and off to the corner. Another had very cold water, and was long. The one my friends and I were in was heated and smaller, but still large enough to fit about 20 children.

After we swam, one of my friends went to go look at the rock climbing wall, and I followed her. By the second time I got on the wall, I made it to the top! Then we got hungry, so we went to the snack room, full of cookies, chips, lemonade, hot dogs, and nachos.

We spent the last 5 minutes playing dodgeball.

Now I smell like chlorine and I'm quite sleepy.