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Saturday, August 9, 2014


The Mixed Girl Status

There's a stereotype. And if you know me(you probably don't) you'd know I dislike stereotypes. At school people automatically stereotype me as the nerdy Indian girl. Unless I dress like this.

More often, I dress like this.

 Likewise, I'm not here to talk about appearance, even though my peers often refer to my "inner white girl", or whatever the fudge that means.

Things that make me "white."

  • I love Starbucks. I talk about it all the time. I see plenty of black girls in Starbucks.
  • I actually don't wear UGGS because I feel bad for the sheep. I instead wear mockery UGGS. To others it doesn't matter. Still classifies as a sort of stylish Autumn boot, even if the inside feels like a wet towel.
  • Pretty Little Liars. I hate myself for loving this addicting show. The most iconic drama-mystery on TV. To preteens, at least. With its horrendous role models and cringe-worthy family themes, what's not to love? And apparently, loving it also makes you white.
  • Yoga pants. Don't even start with me on this.
So, yes. Even though there are plenty more offensive white girl stereotypes, the ones listed above have been mentioned to me by others more than once.

I have one thought to leave you with. Stay in school, kids, and learn something, so you don't become and offensive blockhead.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Why IXL Math is highly ineffective without prior knowlegde

Parents think they know everything, correct? Even when they don't, they trick you into believing they do. My parents signed my brother and I up for IXL math a few years ago.

Over the years, I've found these issues:

  • IXL is NOT flexible with the input. Get a problem wrong? Deducts 10 points. Also, say you enter a hyphen or slash mark by accident, or enter a certain symbol that doesn't affect the answer. Nope, wrong. It frustrates me how incomprehensible and glitchy this site can be. Is it run by a team of monkeys? In some units, you have to use the little provided term boxes to enter in fractions and square roots. If you get your symbols elsewhere, it's marked wrong. Again, this is with certain units.
  • Also, instead of actually teaching the skill with a tutorial video before the problems, it throws you right in and expects you to already know how to do it. If Quia had a team of intellectuals, they would know that most users of their site are using the site to learn, not to just review. And the "explanations" are extremely unhelpful most of time. They are not detailed, and leave out things. To be honest, they would be much more helpful BEFORE you did the problem. 
  • Khan Academy is a much more useful learning tool. Smaller children may become bored with it, but as an older child, I find the site easier to learn with. Salman Khan can be a bit slow, however the practice units are only 5 questions long. If you answer one incorrectly, however, you must start over.
I mean, it's a math practice site. I shouldn't have to go into parent account to test things out before doing it in my own account. That's stupid, and totally defeats the point IXL so discreetly advertises.(Blunt example of sarcasm)

Last year in 7th Grade, my Algebra 1 teacher told us she wanted to try a new method of teaching. She would send us home with a worksheet and watch a video she would post on her website about the subject matter of the next day. Then, we would come to class the next day and she'd give us more problems.

Maybe IXL should be more like Khan Academy. I'm not saying IXL hasn't honed my mathematical skills at all; in fact, it has improved then more than once. But it was only because I'd learned the skills prior either from Khan Academy, school, or another website.

If I was a tenacious dolt, I'd go on Amplify and write a bashing review of the place. In a way, I just did, but I did it all formal-like with adult words to prove that I'm so much better than all those morons out there.

Just kidding. 2/5 stars.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Jeff's Dating Profile

YouTube Girls and Boys

Lately I've been spending less of my time on Netflix and more time on YouTube, watching baby-faced and heavily idolized college drop - outs attempt to entertain 13-year-olds and partially succeed due to our lack of experience and common sense.
Not to say that's bad. Look at Michelle Phan. She's making millions.

Some of my favorite youtubers are nigahiga, iiSuperwomanii, Connor Franta, etc.

I particularly like iiSuperwomanii(Lily Singh) because she is one of the only Indian youtubers, and she's of course hilarious.

I myself have a YouTube channel I'm currently working on. I have yet to get a tripod so I'm working on my content as of now. I already have some videos up, so like, comment, subscribe, and share.

Anyway, here are some things I've noticed about YouTubers:

·        They are overly emotional and easily excited.

·        They use a lot of hand gestures.

·        Some of them are actually extremely awkward on camera but are attractive so they get popularity.

Some YouTubers try to venture out of their zones, and end up giving WRONG, unhelpful advice that clearly states they have no idea what they are doing.

So, leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Don't forget to visit my YouTube page! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flappy Bird - a Trend

Every once in a while there comes that infuriating, phone-throwing, hair-pulling monster of a game so overrated you wonder what exactly you've done wrong to deserve such torment.

Flappy Bird is that monster.

I discovered Flappy Bird when my friends started posting their scores on Instagram. They were raving about how hard it was, but I was like...

"Yeah, uh huh."

So I downloaded it, and then the addiction arose.
While I couldn't get higher than seven (mostof the time, barely that) my friend used my phone and got me to ten.

Later I got to twelve, but by then my brother had found out about it.

Just like Temple Run and Angry Birds, Flappy Bird will rise high in the media and gaming world...
 Just to be forgotten about and left to float aimlessly.

That said, I will not lie.
Flappy Bird is fun.
But it's too simple.
And reminds me of Mario *shudder*.

So, if I had to rate it...

4 out 5 stars. Just because it's so difficult and the controls are so slippery.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My new Youtube channel!

Hey guys! So I made a new youtube channel. Unlike, my old youtube channel for my old blog, this new channel is much more diverse!
I will review things, AND talk A LOT!
And probably make a skit or something.

Yes! I have posted my first video! It's all about me, naturally (because I'm so awesome).


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Left Of Me - Book Review

WHAT'S LEFT OF ME: The Hybrid Chronicles
Kat Zhang
Published 2012
Genre: Science/Drama Fiction


Eva and Addie are twin souls living together in one body. Totally normal, right? It is, but what's not normal is the fact that they haven't settled yet. At four or five, the stronger, dominant soul stays, gaining control of the body, and the recessive, weaker soul dies.
Eva was declared dead at 12, but she's still alive, living in Addie's shadow. All Eva wants is to be normal, just like Addie.

Okay, here's what Priya thinks!

I saw this book at my school book fair. It was either this or Maze Runner, I only had fifteen bucks. I went with this, and Chris Woodham's Silver, since Maze Runner will probably end up like Uglies; old, worn out, and forgotten about, replaced by the now slowly fading Hunger Games.

ANYWAY (See how easily I get distracted?)

What's Left Of Me is a dystopian novel, very much UNLIKE any I have ever read before. I expected it to be incredibly lame, but NO! It was actually enjoyable. Here's why:

1. The Cover
This one's pretty easy to figure out. People only give books a chance if the cover is even worth glancing at. The techy white font, the rainbowish girl - it's all gripping. My kind of cover.

2. The relationship between Eva and Addie
We'd expect Eva and Addie to at least get along somewhat - heck, they share the same body. They're like conjoined twins, except they're not. Yet, the girls obviously love, and need each other. I'm going to shut up about this before I reveal too much.

3. The vivid wording
This book is packed with adjectives. Everything is described so beautifully. It's so... vivid.
See what I did there?

Guess not.

I highly recommend this book! It's the first in the Hybrid Chronicles. I cannot wait to read the two sequels; the third sequel has yet to be released.
 This book was imaginative and dramatic, and kept me engaged. I couldn't even put the book down.

Just like with my food, I'ma  picky reader. If I can't put a book down, you know it's good.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Happy Holidays! Today was fun. My friend and my brother and I went to the trampoline park in our area. Then we took endless selfies. Best Christmas Eve ever. 
Right now, it's Christmas Morning here. I'm still up, waiting for Santa... ^___^

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seasonal Panic Attacks and Candy

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while... I've been busy.


  • I'm starting basketball. -_-
  • I might be starting dance again, most specifically contortion.
  • My brother still believes in Santa, even after explaining to him that it's virtually impossible to travel the world in one night AND have time to eat cookies AND feed the reindeer. Nope.
  • All my friends are away for the holidays. 
  • It was snowing. Then it randomly started raining. I hope it snows for Christmas.
  • Monty got really fat.
  • I'm writing a the first book in what is supposed to be a trilogy.
  • I "made" a gingerbread house in Home Economics.
  • I learned that some people are just stupid.
  • I wrote a slightly "harsh" review of the fall play at my school for my school newspaper. Some people took it personally.
  • I made some friends. Pied a teacher in the face. Watched all-out brawls take place. Observed my pied-up social studies attack my FEMALE English teacher from behind, rubbing shaving cream into her head.
Good times.

ANYWAY, I'm now off for two weeks and some, and am very bored. The good news is that one of my friends is still here, so I'll probably be hanging out with her over break, but for now all I have is my seven-year old accomplice.

Oh, and Merry Christmas. 
Today my mom took me shopping for my gifts. I dragged her into PINK and we got the CUTEST STUFF! All these sweatshirts and stuff. EXPENSIVE!

Also, my dad is rebuilding my computer. My brother is about to break his for the 2nd time in 3 years, so I'll see how that turns out.

That's all. Merry Christmas and enjoy the end of 2013, which wasn't so bad actually. 7th grade is borderline awesome(most of the time, anyway) and I actually really enjoyed 2013; it went way too fast.

Oh, and check out my friend Hannah's page, Chicken Tenders and One Direction! She's a little new to the blogging community.