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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Exercising with Rocks

Today my whole family went for a walk around our VERY large neighborhood. Not to mention that  biked, and it was all hills. ALL. Anyway, after breathtaking exercise and a playdate with a spastic laberdoodle that ran over my brother, we, or rather I, rode home.

When I got to the main hill that lead down to my house, I heard the little boys that lived at the houses at the top whispering,

"It's Priya."

Then I heard,

"Halt, who goes there?"

"What is your name?"

Then they threw some rocks at me, and I'm all like, what the heck?

"Why're you throwing rocks at me?"

No answer. More rocks are thrown.

I ride on past them. It'd pitch black, so I can hardly make them out, but I can guess it's the two boys who I mentioned before and their curly-haired friend.

They didn't stop my mom or my brother apparently, becuase my brother's their friend, and my mom would probably make sure they'd never see the outside again.

They did, however, stop my ever-so-slow dad. According to him, they threw rocks at him and he asked them if they wanted him to find out who they were. They didn't answer, so he threatened them some more, and they ran away when their mom called them. By their names...

Looks like I got something to blackmail 'em with.

Just kidding. Their children, even if they did throw rocks at me.


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