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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University - Review

Title: Monsters University
Producers: Pixar Animation Studios
Released: June 21, 2013
Rating: G

Sunday my family went to the cinema to see Monsters University. Being the long awaited sequel, (or prequel) of Pixar's Monsters Inc., my brother and I were genuinely excited to see it. So I grabbed a couple boxes of candy, put a largely unhealthy amount of butter on my popcorn, and sat down in front of the giant movie screen.

Ever since Mike Wazowski was a small child, he always dreamed of becoming a scarer at Monster's Inc. While a class field trip, Mike is inspired to enroll in Monsters University.

Many years later, Mike Wazowski, now 17, is entering Monsters University. The amazed Mike studies hard, and is majoring in scaring. Yet, just when he thought everything was going well...

Sulley showed up.

James Sullivan, the son of Bill Sullivan, is popular and an amazing scarer. Almost instantly, he is admitted into the popular crowd. And just as instantly, he goes head to head with Mike, competing in almost everything. But when the two monsters are kicked out of the scare program, they must work together, or they'll never graduate!

It was interesting to see what occurred before Boo and all of the doors and such. Mike Wazowski, the poor thing, tried to scary, but could not. James Sullivan, on the other hand, was one of the best scarers at the university. However, while Mike lacked scariness, he had brains, motivation, determination, and cleverness. James was just... scary. So all in all, I guess this movie contained a lesson. Though Mike wasn't naturally gifted at scaring, he worked hard, and thus he did better than Sulley, who was naturally gifted. Suller didn't try to work harder. He just growled the same old way, with the same degree of horror.


If you don't use it, you lose it.


These graphics were the best graphics I have ever seen in a Pixar movie. They were even better than Brave, and Brave's graphics were outstanding.

Monsters University's graphics were so realistic and colorful. They were clean, sharp, and just... amazing.


I enjoyed this movie. I loved the setting, and the monsters themselves. The plot was a somewhat redundant at times, but it was a very funny family-friendly comedy.

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