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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flappy Bird - a Trend

Every once in a while there comes that infuriating, phone-throwing, hair-pulling monster of a game so overrated you wonder what exactly you've done wrong to deserve such torment.

Flappy Bird is that monster.

I discovered Flappy Bird when my friends started posting their scores on Instagram. They were raving about how hard it was, but I was like...

"Yeah, uh huh."

So I downloaded it, and then the addiction arose.
While I couldn't get higher than seven (mostof the time, barely that) my friend used my phone and got me to ten.

Later I got to twelve, but by then my brother had found out about it.

Just like Temple Run and Angry Birds, Flappy Bird will rise high in the media and gaming world...
 Just to be forgotten about and left to float aimlessly.

That said, I will not lie.
Flappy Bird is fun.
But it's too simple.
And reminds me of Mario *shudder*.

So, if I had to rate it...

4 out 5 stars. Just because it's so difficult and the controls are so slippery.

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