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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Mixed Girl Status

There's a stereotype. And if you know me(you probably don't) you'd know I dislike stereotypes. At school people automatically stereotype me as the nerdy Indian girl. Unless I dress like this.

More often, I dress like this.

 Likewise, I'm not here to talk about appearance, even though my peers often refer to my "inner white girl", or whatever the fudge that means.

Things that make me "white."

  • I love Starbucks. I talk about it all the time. I see plenty of black girls in Starbucks.
  • I actually don't wear UGGS because I feel bad for the sheep. I instead wear mockery UGGS. To others it doesn't matter. Still classifies as a sort of stylish Autumn boot, even if the inside feels like a wet towel.
  • Pretty Little Liars. I hate myself for loving this addicting show. The most iconic drama-mystery on TV. To preteens, at least. With its horrendous role models and cringe-worthy family themes, what's not to love? And apparently, loving it also makes you white.
  • Yoga pants. Don't even start with me on this.
So, yes. Even though there are plenty more offensive white girl stereotypes, the ones listed above have been mentioned to me by others more than once.

I have one thought to leave you with. Stay in school, kids, and learn something, so you don't become and offensive blockhead.

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