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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Party Party ZZZZZZ

Today was so busy... yet fun.

First we went to my brother's friend's birthday party. It was mini-golf, which I'm really not good at.
Because I'm on a special diet, I didn't have anything but the watermelon they had sitting out.

Afterwards, we went home to eat and freshen up. Then we went out again...

Because I had my 6th grade party today! I'm graduating elementary school and moving on to middle school next fall. The party was held at the rec center in my town, and me and my friends had so much fun!

There were three pools in the pool room, unlike at most YMCAs. One pool was circular, very shallow, and off to the corner. Another had very cold water, and was long. The one my friends and I were in was heated and smaller, but still large enough to fit about 20 children.

After we swam, one of my friends went to go look at the rock climbing wall, and I followed her. By the second time I got on the wall, I made it to the top! Then we got hungry, so we went to the snack room, full of cookies, chips, lemonade, hot dogs, and nachos.

We spent the last 5 minutes playing dodgeball.

Now I smell like chlorine and I'm quite sleepy.


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