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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camel Stew

Today I was bored in school when our teacher gave us a Junior Scholastic to read. I came across an interesting article.

The President of France, Francois Hollande, was given a baby camel. The camel was later eaten by a Mali family. What?

Well, it started when Mali gifted the baby camel to Hollande for sending liberating troops into Mali. He was initially going to put it in a Parisian zoo, but then realized he couldn't take it with him at the moment. So he left it with a family in Timbuktu. The family was supposed to care for the baby until the President could have it sent to him.

The family, however, either did not understand their instructions, or just didn't care. They killed and ate the poor camel in tagine stew. Wow.

Embarrassed and ashamed, the Mali government planned to give Hollande a bigger, and better camel. Not only that, but now a man claims that the eaten camel was stolen from him after the French air raid destroyed his house. Interesting...

R.I.P. Baby Camel

So cute...

picture credit to blogs.ft.com 

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