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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Unhealthy School Lunches

If you read my last post, I was reading a Junior Scholastic. Another one of the interesting topics covered was the different school lunches served worldwide. Rice and lentils served in India, sardines and miso soup in Japan, even guinea pig in Peru! (I don't think I'd eat a guinea pig, sorry.)

Anyway, despite the variations, I noticed that these lunches all have one thing in common.

They're healthier than American lunches.

Let me tell you about my school. My school used to serve 3 lunch choices everyday, the 3rd choice being salad always. This year, they took everyday salad off the menu, and now we only have it once every few weeks.

Not only that, but may I describe to you some of the lunch choices?

Chicken Patty/Nuggets

Texture is weird. Meat is soggy, and squeaky when bitten into. Taste is very similar to McDonald's chicken sandwich, (which are also nasty).


The milk is always spoiled. These lunch ladies should be given a stern talking to.


Gross. Just gross. They have an odd flavor and the meat doesn't even taste like beef. The same with the nacho meat. Also, cheese tastes funny, and is discolored to a darkish-neon orange. I wonder if you were to turn off the lights while eating it, if it would glow?


You may think that just because its pizza its automatically heaven. No. The cafeteria found a way to ruin it! The cafeteria's pizza tastes like the lunch ladies took three cheese sticks and half- melted them onto some cheap tomato sauce and some cardboard. Cheese is not fully cooked and piled on too thick.

"Thanksgiving Dinner" Lunch

I will never eat another one of these again. I swear. Basically, it's a scoop of mash potatoes (which are actually not bad), and some really nasty chicken covered in gravy, covering a biscuit. But it wasn't the chicken, or even the gravy that made me run right back up to the lunch ladies.

It was the giant piece of hair hiding under my biscuit. Talk about nasty. apparently, other kids had been finding hair in their food too. I got another serving, and I still found hair in it, but I didn't bother. if those ladies wanted to be unsanitary, let them. A few months later there was a fire. Uh huh.

Anyway, these dishes are all examples of crap food the cafeteria is serving. Portions are small, and fruit is scarce. Meals are not balanced at all.

Do you want to know some food truths?



1. Schools have the option of serving mixed meat or organic meat. Mine chooses to serve pink slime to growing children.

2. Non-organic milk contains pus and blood. Want to continue drinking non-organic milk now? I don't.

Healthy Lunch

My idea of a good school lunch is:

Main Course: A salad with chicken/turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Drink: Orange, apple, or grape juice.

Snack: Piece of fruit

Optional: Dessert

I hope you have enjoyed my post on lunches.

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