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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Deadly Device

Name: The Deadly Device

Publisher: Her Interactive

Released: October 2012

Rating : E10+

Not Scary      Mild      Bit Intense      Scary      


The monster-hunting and the mummy scavenging ends for Nancy. For now.

After a world-renowned scientist named Nico Jovic is electrocuted while on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, Nancy is hired to investigate what might have been murder.

Despite the fact that she's in a highly technical lab chock full of toxic chemicals and a murderer, Nancy will solve the case in no time! If she doesn't get herself killed, that is.


Niko Jovic

Niko Jovic was doing research on Nikola Tesla before his suspicious demise. He was on the verge of a major breakthrough: The secret to wireless energy transfer.

Ellie York

Sullen and unhappy, Ellie York works the night shift at the lab just so she can get away from Mason, who works during the day. Ellie was the one who found Niko's body in the lab.

Mason Quinto

Anti-social describes Mason almost perfectly. Not only does he hate being bothered, but he hates Ellie. Mason believes that Niko's work belongs to him, and that he should get credit for it, not Niko.

Gray Cortright

Gray is intimidating and mean, and it is clear that he hates his job as a security guard. He's hard to interrogate or even speak to, so it's possible that he is hiding something. When he's not around, its easy to find keys to help get into locked places.

Ryan Kilpatrick

Ryan is the lab's technology worker. She's smart and very friendly, making it easy to get information out of her. However, with her vast knowledge of science, and, most importantly Tesla coils, it's possible...

Victor Lossett

Being co-owner of the lab, Victor hired Nancy to solve the case. Victor's away for most of the game, distracted by a meeting elsewhere.

✓ = Pro  ✘ = Con  

✘ As excited as I was to play this game, I had to admit, the game was a little boring at times.

✓ The puzzles are excruciatingly difficult, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

✘ There is a limited amount of exploration space. I would have liked it if I was able to explore the lab more.

✓ Characters are full of depth, movements are realistic, and quite hilarious. Sometimes I found myself laughing along with the character's lame jokes or hostile behavior.

✓ Animation is beautiful, objects are solid. Voice acting is superb.


This game was... fun. I liked it for various reasons, and disliked it for others, as shown above. I would recommend this game to my friends and family, and will definitely be playing the next game.

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