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Monday, October 7, 2013


Today I woke up, and began to moan because I knew I had to go to school for another 9 hours. Then I remembered that I had a doctor's appointment before school. I relaxed, and went back to sleep.

Since the doctor's appointment was at 8:30, we woke up later than usual and left the house in the pouring rain. My mom had planned to take me to school after the appointment, but that never happened.

Traffic was horrendous for an unknown reason, but that was a minor occurrence. We got to the podiatrist's office, and my mom had a heart attack when she realized her flat tire. The appointment went smoothly, but my mother had to call roadside assistance while I stayed in the waiting room and watched the horrible weather forecast for the US.

Unfortunately, the lug nut on the tire had cracked in half. The mechanic put the donut tire on, and my mother drove slowly to Mozda, where we sat in the waiting room for 3 hours watching Rachel Ray while they put on an entirely new wheel.

It was expensive.

For some strange reason, that morning, I knew I most likely wasn't going to school. It wasn't for the reason I thought, which was the appointment extending for longer, and then getting stuck in traffic.

If a child is not in school by 11:30, they are not allowed to participate in any after-school activities, which means that if by some chance my mother had taken me to school afterwards, It would really have been for nothing.

Today was actually really good. I had some McDonald's hash browns, a Crunch bar, and a salad and fries from Wendy's. And of course, I got to skip school.

I owe it all to the cheap and inexperienced mechanics that put the original tire on!

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