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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spelling Bee

Yesterday was my middle school spelling bee.

I had been preparing for it, and gone over the word list millions of times.

On Wednesday, I got to school a little early, and had to go to the bleachers and sit with the other kids. Normally I would go to band at that time, but since I was participating in the spelling bee I didn't go. I had my friend test me on my words a few more times.

When I got to homeroom, I stayed at my usual desk and studied until they announced that it was time for the spelling bee to start.

I grabbed my books and walked out of the room, and up the four flights of stairs to the third floor
to the classroom where the bee was held.

The bee began, and an eighth-grader went first, and spelled her word incorrectly. She was asked to leave. A few more kids went, and then it was my turn.

One of my words was, "genetic," and I spelled it correctly!

By the second round, there were only four of us left. They were hard words, but I was prepared.

The boy ahead of me got his word right, but so did I. The two boys that went after me both got their word wrong, however.

Then it was just me and the other boy. One of us would be champion, and the other would be runner-up. I knew what I would be.

The boy was asked to spell, "lucrative."

He spelled it wrong.

My word was, "sedentary." If I spelled that word right, I would be champion.

And so I did.

"S - E - D - E - N - T - A - R - Y," I said.

I won.

So I was the winner of the School Spelling Bee. I'm advancing to the regional bee in March.

After the regional bee comes the Scripps Spelling Bee.


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